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Website serves as a platfrom for persons or corporates to promote their brand to the publics. A well designed professional website can impress its visitors, result in increase in good-views or profits. PHOTON Web Design has an experienced web design and development team which are innovative, highly creative and has very high demands on aesthetics! They would be there to build a website that stand out from others!


PHOTON Web Design is a ONE-STOP solutions provider that leave you away from all technical issues. We listen and understand what you need and provide professional advices, together and we would build the website that suit you most! By the way, you may also do the design yourself and we would provide development service for you.

  • Professional & Creative Design

    Professional & Creative Design

    You care about if your website can be found on the world famous search engines. Not only we would register the website information on , Google, etc for you, but also using SEO-friendly programming technology to make them more searchable by the search engines!

  • Cross Devices Capabilities

    Cross Devices Capabilities

    Build one website and for all. Our websites can fully display and function on any iOS Devices. Flash would no longer be your concern as the websites we built can automatically detect the device the visitor is using the load the content that the device can support!

  • Cross Browsers Capabilities

    Cross Browsers Capabilities

    Our websites support more than 95% of commonly used web browsers! Like Internet Explorer(7.0 or above), Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, MSN Explorer, etc.

  • SEO-Friendly Website

    SEO-Friendly Website

    We would register your website information on the world famous search engines! In advanced, we are also using SEO friendly programming technologies to make them more searchable by them!

  • Site Visits Statistic System

    Site Visits Statistic System

    You care about who has visited your website, we have real-time statistic system that allows you to trace where they come from and how long they have spent on different pages of your website!

  • Multi-lingual Display

    Multi-lingual Display

    The website we built is guaranteed to be able to display correctly in common operating systems that in different languages. If it has multi-lingual versions, the, it supports automatic-selection of browsing language according to the browser’s language.



A successful website also serves as a platform for generating profits! PHOTON Web Design is experienced in building e-Commerce website with Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows you to manage your products and publish information easily and effectively. In advanced, it can serve as you online order management system!

  • Content Mangement System

    Content Mangement System

    The Content Management Sytem we built allows you to update the information anytime and anywhere! In advanced, it takes care of all the technical stuff so that you don’t need to hire a technical staff to update your website.

  • Online Catalog System

    Online Catalog System

    We have well developed user-friendly Online-Catalog System that helps you take care of all the products of your company. There is no limitation on product categories and products you want to upload to the system.

  • Online Order & Payment Gateway

    Online Order & Payment Gateway

    We make it easies for you to sell your products online as well as making it easier for your customers to buy them! Our online payment system allows you to manage your orders easier, and our payment gateway allows the customers to pay in whatever way they like.

  • Online Gallery System

    Online Gallery System

    If your have a lot of photos and you wish to put it on your website. Our well developed online gallery system can helps you! It supports mass uploading, watermark protection, drag and drop sorting, and it can function on all iPhone and iPad.

  • Information Publishing System

    Information Publishing System

    Publish your company news or other text based content to your website easily by using our Information Publishing System. It also supports uploading images to the content. There is no limitation of the number of content you publish though the system.

  • Tailor-make System

    Tailor-make System

    Want to have a CMS for your specific needs? Our professional website development team is experienced in developing different kinds and scales of system softwares in different platform and programming languages. Say “Hello!” to your own system!



If you have any enquiry about our services, please feel free to contact us!

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